Show the world your sustainability journey

Renoon is the go-to-platform for brands making genuine progress on sustainability: assess, communicate & engage your customers 10 times better on your transparency. (4).gif

Third-party validation

Self-referential claims are not enough anymore. Renoon empowers you to assess your brand through an independent step-by-step framework and product engine powered by machine learning.

Communication widgets

Communicate your impact in a clear and consistent way. Give your end customer more than just a product: engage them at the point-of-sale with modular widgets.

Community engagement

Renoon is consumer centricity in your sustainability journey at scale: we empower you to listen to your audience and bring it along your path in a transparent and authentic way through the Renoon platform.

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Assess your impact

Laws are changing globally: New York, Europe. Sustainability is here to stay and the first step is to know where you stand.

Brand level assessment

Centralise internal data that is currently on the loose into one Dashboard: we take you through a step-by-step, pre-built process you don't have to think about. Renoon's Transparency Framework is recognized by 2 Million people every month.

Product engine

Our Machine Learning algorithm ensures an objective & human-error-free assessment benchmarked from over 15 Million products.

LCA analysis

Coming soon.

Communicate with clarity and confidence

Incorporate tools within your own channels to 10x engagement from your end customers & minimize greenwashing risk.

Widgets at the point of sale

Without Renoon: auto-referential claims or certifications no one understands.

Find modules that work for you

Showcase Brand & Products qualitative values, Products impact metrics, Products journey and the voice of your customer.

Make complex information land

Sustainability data doesn’t lend itself easily to simple messaging: now you have the right tools to iterate and make sure it does.

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Boost brand awareness

Access Renoon's ecosystem of tools that make your brand more discoverable and trustworthy for people.

List your brand

Make sure people can discover your name when they are searching for a product on Renoon

Collect reviews

Solicit positive reactions from your current customers that allow you to win new ones

Push your sustainability agenda forward

Build a positive feedback loop that allows you to improve.

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Renoon is the launch pad for our sustainability efforts.

Founder - Sustainability journey

We love Renoon because the integration is very easy.

E-com manager - Platform integration

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Which information do I have to provide for the assessment?

We’ll ask you to upload relevant documentation and information that you already have, as well as offer you pre-built integration with Shopify and Woocommerce, for example.

How long does it take to go live?

Renoon takes you through a step-by-step process that requires some work from your side to upload and connect the relevant data points. This depends on the size & responsiveness of your company and it can range from 1-30 working days accordingly.

You can then expect an assessment time from us to be between 5-10 working days.

Where can I see the membership plans?

If you’d like to know more about the plans we offer, simply hit the get started button. We'll answer all your questions around upgrading options, minimum period, additional services, etc. Since we are onboarding the first brands in our Beta plan still, we are not able to publish prices yet.

Can brands pay to have more visibility on Renoon's consumer platform?

No, we do not accept any adv and brands cannot pay for visibility. How we decide to boost brands' presence in the app or socials is all based on merit and scoring of the brand after the assessment. Currently, products have a random priority in the app and website. Going forward, our goal is to implement logics that can prioritise them based on transparency, values etc.